Look What’s Coming in June!

June is a big release month for Formitize. Here is a summary of what’s coming in the next App release:



Adding Invoice Line Items to Jobs for Auto-Invoice Creation

The create “New Job” page is going to include an Invoicing Component. This enables anyone creating a job to add the invoice line items and amounts as part of the job creation. When the job is created, the invoice can be automatically created at the same time with invoice line items pre-generated and the job number attached to the invoice by default.

This provides a direct link between the job and the invoice and ensures that invoices are automatically generated for each job created. With permission, the mobile App user can edit and add to the invoice in the field.


Adding Invoice Line Items to Job Types

To save even more time in creating jobs, the Job Type Template is going to include invoice line items together with default amounts in each line item if desired.

The result is that whenever a new job is created using the Job Type template, the invoice template will also be created automatically for the job

This will include the line items and default amounts. The default amounts can then be edited on a per client basis.


Adding Recurring Profiles to Job Types

Another new feature coming to the Job Types templates to save even more time in job setup is the Recurring Profile. So when you create a Job Type you can set up the recurring profile at the same time so that whenever that Job Type is created, the Recurring Profile is also created by default. You are still able to disable or edit the recurring profile on a client by client basis.


Linking Job Number to New Invoice

With this new ability for the Invoice to be automatically generated in the job creation page, the invoice will be automatically tagged with the Job Number as soon as the job is created. This provides a direct link between the job and the invoice for traceability throughout the process.


Enabling New Job Number to be attached to Existing Invoice

If your business requires that the job is only to be performed after the invoice has been paid, the job can be linked to an existing invoice in the job creation page. So as the job is being created, a dropdown of all related invoices for the client is available to be selected and therefore linked to the job. The Job Number will then be added to the Invoice record for complete traceability.


Adding Attachments to Jobs

There are often times where documents, site plans or other attachments are required to carry out a job. The new release will add an Attachments section to Jobs so that all such documents can be accessed from the Job in the App.


Accounts Status Added to Job Creation Page

When creating jobs, it can be important to know if the client has outstanding or overdue invoices before undertaking further jobs for that client.


So we are adding an Accounts Overview element to the New Job creation page – this will show: AMOUNT INVOICED, AMOUNT OUTSTANDING and AMOUNT OVERDUE highlighting any account issues before dispatching new jobs.

So many more features released and on the way to help you run your business more efficiently!


Formitize – making paperwork paperless.

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